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Why choose us, you ask? Well…

Urge Uganda is your full-service communications & marketing agency. We exist to solve your marketing and communication challenges.

We have done this for clients that range from small to medium to large enterprises all across this country and even beyond our borders. So, no matter where you are in your business journey, we can partner with you to develop and strengthen your footprint taking your business to new heights.

In our team we have experience that spans over 30 years between us doing marketing, advertising, communications for different companies in various sectors, so we have experience in telecoms, in finance, in business, in fast moving consumers goods and NGOs and so what we have done is just bring together our experience where we sit, we look at the problem, we analyze it, we chant it over and over until we come up with solutions that are able to take our clients businesses to the next level.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is what our clients have to say

Our Clients Get Results

“We are proud of our brand because of Urge”
Brenda Yvonne Bageire – Spotclean Drycleaners
“More people are asking us who did our branding”
Semliki Royal Group of companies-Doris Mutabazi

Our Values

We respect and value all people treating them with the utmost dignity. The strength of our organization lies in the strength of our people so we focus on empowering them and challenging them to new heights. We create an environment that is collaborative and mutually supportive in order to build rewarding long term careers.

We relate to one another as partners, committed to each other’s success and that of our company. We relate to each other with kindness, respect, understanding and patience. To work with our clients effectively, we must develop strong relationships based on mutual trust, respect and collaboration. We are committed to our clients’ success and satisfaction.  We focus on staying in communication, anticipating needs and opportunities.

Our pledge is to outstanding delivery, creating a mark that will outlive our existence. We always strive to do better in all areas, large or small, and we see growing improvement and success.

We seek to serve others, inspire vision and value character over profit.  We intentionally develop a culture of trust. In leading by example, we exercise stewardship and take responsibility for our company and our people.

Our Clientele

We partner with those brave enough to do things differently

Proven, tested, trusted. Loved by customers.

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