Making the most of your #StayHome

Making the most of your #StayHome

We did not see it coming, or maybe we did but thought that it was for other countries in the wake of the COVID-19 spread. Uganda, after all, had less than 10 cases at the time. Until Monday, March 30th 2020, I was determined to go to work every day even though some other businesses had shut their doors the previous week.

We had already planned for business continuity at URGE and the team was well briefed on how to work effectively from home. These are the tips we shared:

We must stay in touch weekly. We agreed on a weekly Zoom call to catch up on work and how we are all doing. Ours is a small team, so this is uncomplicated

  • This can be replicated by smaller teams, departments/units in larger organisations.

Schedule your time and stick to it. When working from home, distractions are normal and to be expected. It is important to set a schedule for your tasks.

  • Your family and those you live with will only respect it if you do the same.
  • Make time for breaks. Avoid being cooped over your computer all day. Step away from your table, take measured time breaks, stretch, take a walk around your apartment or house.

Have some fun.

  • With your family around you, make time for a game of cards, board games, or just being silly. Make this time count not just for work, but for quality time with those you live with. Don’t forget to exercise, eat healthily and stay healthy.
  • Use your online time wisely. Don’t just spend it on social media sites, catching up with the latest gossip. Be wise and catch up with online learning. Come back to work wiser, with a new skill, new knowledge to do your work better.
  • Review your Return on Energy (ROE) investment. In the words of Brian Tracy, how can we get more value out of the time invested in various activities? This calls for discipline and focus. If we spend more time gossiping in this #Lockdown period, we should not be surprised at the harvest we shall reap. Get as much as you can out of this time as you possibly can.

Our perception of the two weeks quarantine period will determine how we spend our time and the results we get. Use this time to leverage yourself, and to leverage your time!


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